SQ21 Self Awareness Course

SQ21 Self Awareness Course

A component of a 12-week Spiritual Intelligence coaching program | taught by Mary and Barry Smith

Course description

This course, and it's 12-week coaching program, introduces you to the first quadrant of Cindy Wigglesworth’s SQ21 model of Spiritual Intelligence.  The first quadrant explores skills 1 - 5.  All of these skills are related to revealing and building self/Self Awareness or awareness of ego and Higher Self. The skills are as follows: Awareness of Own Worldview, Awareness of Life Purpose, Awareness of Values Hierarchy, Awareness of Complexity of Inner Thought, and Awareness of ego-self / Higher-Self.

Mary and Barry Smith
Mary and Barry Smith
4Q Smart - Teacher/Trainers Coach/Consultants

Mary and Barry Smith have 50 years of combined experience teaching, training, coaching, facilitating, and leading individuals and groups.  We aid the transformation of individuals and companies by creating programs tailored to the client's needs in PQ, IQ, EQ, and SQ within a the framework of AQAL - the most comprehensive map of reality informed by Integral Theory.  Our integral approach to development means that transformation is supported and sustained at every level.

Mary and Barry are the originators of W.I.S.E. -- the Whole and Integrated Skills Enrichment program.  Through interviews, questionnaires, and assessments, we partner with the client to co-create a customized program that enriches and integrates the necessary skills of all four primary intelligences leading to the client's development goal.


Barry's experience from start-ups to global corporations, as well as education and ministry, gives him a broad perspective and understanding of the needs of most organizations whether for-profit or non-profit.  Barry is skilled at leadership and organizational development within global and culturally diverse organizations.  EQ and SQ are especially important in leadership for organizations to perform at their best.  Whether a small local company or a large global enterprise, Barry has the knowledge and experience to train, coach and consult leaders and managers to get impressive results, while promoting and maintaining a culture of respect and collaboration.  The principles of conscious capitalism are modeled and incorporated into all training.  barry@4qsmart.com


Mary is a top-rated professor teaching higher education courses in Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communications, and World Religions.  Her teaching and facilitated learning style is engaging, fun and informative!  Whether in the classroom or the boardroom, Mary is comfortable with facilitating interactive learning bringing forth surprising ah-ha "know thyself" insights.  Mary's "know-grow-show" and "explore-expand-express" methodology leads people into greater self-awareness by 1) learning more about themselves, 2) to growing their talents, skills and intelligences, and finally 3) to expressing themselves authentically and powerfully in the world.  mary@4qsmart.com

Course Curriculum

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