Course Description

These are tumultuous times and as a species human must apply real Wisdom to our current state of affairs if we wish to survive and thrive.

One of the wisest teacher of our time, the Dalai Lama, has this to say about wisdom:

"Developing wisdom is a process of bringing our minds into accordance with the way things really are"

At first glance this may seem like a simple statement but there is a great deal to unpack in "bringing your mind into accordance with the way things really are". This course introduces you to what real Wisdom is, how you can develop it, and why everyone of us needs to develop it if we hope to see a better, safer world. It will help you begin the process of seeing (or bringing the mind into accordance with) the way things really are.

Drawing from several scholars, including Cindy Wigglesworth (below), from various backgrounds you will learn more about how Wisdom is not something you are either born with or not. It is something that everyone can develop if they make a conscious choice to do so.

There are a few specific practices, many from Roger Walsh (below), that you can begin today that will help you develop your Wisdom. This course will introduce those to you and provide you many resources for you to explore if you wish to do more study.

It is our hope, here at 4Q Smart, that there are many seekers like you who want to "be the change they wish to see in the world" (Gandhi) that will benefit from the courses we have to offer. Please let us know if you found this course valuable!

Mary Smith

Spiritual Development Mentor

Mary Smith

Mary's background includes teaching higher education courses in Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communications, and World Religions. Her teaching and facilitated learning style is engaging, fun and informative! Whether in the classroom or in virtual mentoring sessions Mary is comfortable with facilitating interactive learning bringing forth surprising ah-ha "know thyself" insights. Mary's "know-grow-show" and "explore-expand-express" methodology leads people into greater self-awareness by 1) learning more about themselves, 2) to growing their talents, skills and intelligences, and finally 3) to expressing themselves authentically and powerfully in the world.Her specialty now is helping women find their unique Soul purpose so that they can gain renewed excitement and motivation and become empowered game changers in the world.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson One

    • Wisdom Defined and Described

    • Wisdom Lesson One Quiz

  • 2

    Lesson Two

    • The Emergence of Wisdom

    • Wisdom Lesson Two Quiz

  • 3

    Lesson Three

    • Developing Your Wisdom

    • Wisdom Lesson Three Quiz

  • 4

    Lesson Four

    • Worldview and Practices in Developing Your Wisdom

    • Wisdom Lesson Four Quiz